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9606 Bailey Road,Suite C, Cornelius, NC 28031

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What is a Lotus Soul?

The lotus flower makes its home in murky rivers, descending each night below the water’s surface only to rise out of the gloom each morning, miraculously radiant, bearing no trace of the muddy waters through which it has traveled. Rise. Bloom. Radiate. Sink into the muck. Rise, bloom, radiate all over again. This is also the path of our life experience. It is the rising from the mud in life that allows us bloom and radiate to the world, so that others may too be inspired to rise up. We are all beautiful Lotus Souls.

Tell me about the healing room

As part of our wellness effort for our inner energy and soul, we will be offering a space within the Café for practitioners to bring their gifts of healing in the very popular areas of: Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, and Light Healing. These methods of healing have been proven, certified, and are employed throughout the US from cancer centers to spas to full blown healing centers dedicated solely to these practices.

What is The Lotus Soul Café?

The Lotus Soul Café is Lake Norman’s first wellness café. We are dedicated to providing a physically and spiritually nourishing environment for the community to rise, bloom, and radiate their highest selves.

Tell me about the menu

Our intention is to provide the most locally sourced, organic, nutrient dense food that helps us contribute to the well-being of our community. When we can’t local foods, we use fair-trade ingredients and those ethically grown whenever possible. We are proud to be a plant based café with products and recipes that are carefully crafted to help each individual rise, bloom, and radiate their healthiest lives.