Anyone else feeling something happening within them that they can’t explain?  Feel like you’re just not the same you that you used to be?

Yeah, me too. I responded by shaving my hair off – truth!

Yep, I cut off all of my hair right before starting Lotus Soul Cafe

Before you make your salon appointment, let’s chat about a few things first. This change that you feel is you SHIFTING into your next phase.

How do you know that you’re SHIFTING into your next phase, level, consciousness, awakening, or purpose (so many names!)?

You may experience any or all of these SHIFT indicators. Your SHIFT journey is yours alone, but sometimes it can be scary or confusing, so I’m here to guide you and help you embrace this new you.

I identified 10 SHIFT indicators. It’s a lot to consume, so I’m going to share them in two posts.


1. You crave softer energy, a softer side of life.

Those days of “killing it” are seeming pretty harsh, and you’re longing for more time on a yoga mat. Ommmmmm

2. You have stronger ownership of your emotions and truth. 

You have something to say to this world and you are SO ready to say it.  All of it…including the bad words.

3. You feel an intense need for more self-love and self-care. 

This is truly a physical calling. Your body craves healthier food. Your heart needs calm sounds and music. Your spirit wants to embrace nature and the outdoors.

4. You recognize the toxic people in your life and know that they GOTTA GO!

It’s time to release the negative people and surround yourself with peaceful family members, friends, marriage partners, and colleagues.

5. You are THINKING more than you ever have before.

Your head and heart are contemplating fears, wounds, love, death, and where you fit into the mix. 

Once you take note of where you are, rest assured that there are SO many others just like you in this area that experiencing the same thing.  In fact, the whole Earth is going through a significant SHIFT right now, and for the better. 

What’s Next?

Release and keep track of your SHIFT and your emotions.

Try writing in a journal. Writing isn’t your thing or you think you don’t have time? No problem – there are several apps out there like Day One, Penzu, and Five Minute Journal. Or, my favorite trick – use the voice memo app on your phone. Seriously. I can’t tell you how many times I have screamed and cried my SHIFT stories into my phone while in the grocery store parking lot!

Phew – that is a lot to take in, right? I’m going to leave you with this SHIFT concept, my first five SHIFT indicators, and one step – journaling – to move forward.

But, if you’re well on your way and ready to jump forward, we’re happy to chat at Lotus Soul Café. We even have spiritual guidance services (that would be me, Heather). 

In my next post, look for five more SHIFT signs and more tools to help you SHIFT.

Until then, all of us at Lotus Soul Café send healing, gratitude, and abundance to you.

Rise. Bloom. Radiate.

With Gratitude,

Heather and the Lotus Soul Café Tribe