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About Our Founders

Meet Heather

Heather grew up on a tiny organic farm in rural Mississippi where farm-to-table was not an upscale dining trend but a matter of survival. Life was hard but it was full of simple beauty and bolstered by deep faith.
Emerging from her rough and tumble childhood with a drive to make a difference, Heather gravitated toward a career in healthcare. She began to study alternative medicine, including reiki and natural pain management, while working with cancer patients. Soon Heather began to notice how simple but powerful changes—positive attitudes and energy and, above all, nutrition—were directly impacting her patients’ outcomes.
It was not until the traumatic birth of her first child that Heather felt compelled to do something more with her growing interest in alternative medicine, especially the healing power of food:

“The time is now; life is precious,”

she heard the universe urge, but she struggled to see her path.
Thankfully, the universe turned up the volume during Heather’s second pregnancy, sending vivid visions that culminated with the birth of her son and an awakening that delivered a clear direction for what would soon become her spiritual coaching business—The Lotus Soul.
Those visions quickly deepened and expanded, showing Heather that she should be extending love, light, and healing on a much larger scale. One day, she peered through the window of an empty retail space and saw the Lotus Soul Café in all of its beautiful splendor.

Meet Sheila

Sheila spent over 25 years in corporate executive roles in global operations and management. She spent her high school and college years working in various restaurants and serving many types of customers. She is fueled by new cultures, experiences, people and business challenges. Sheila traveled extensively and lived in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

Sheila co-founded the Lotus Soul Café after months of researching local business opportunities that help her achieve her personal goals.

The vision aligns with Sheila’s purpose and passion-to support herself, family and community to be their best selves through happiness, wellness, and giving back.

Sheila has an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. She currently lives in Mooresville, North Carolina with her husband Brian, daughter Moira and two puppies, Lizzy and Lucas.

Rise, Bloom, Radiate.

About The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower makes its home in murky rivers, descending each night below the water’s surface only to rise out of the gloom each morning, miraculously radiant, bearing no trace of the muddy waters through which it has traveled. Rise. Bloom. Radiate. Sink into the muck. Rise, bloom, radiate all over again. This is also the path of our life experience. It is the rising from the mud in life that allows us bloom and radiate to the world, so that others may too be inspired to rise up. We are all beautiful Lotus Souls.


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